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Adwords – Why it helps to have a professional from the beginning to get your Adwords started.

When utilized correctly, Adwords can be a fantastic way of promoting your business. It gives you the ability to showcase your website exactly at the point when a prospective client is looking for your specific service/s in Google Search Results. Adwords does this by allowing you to place an ad at the top or the side of the search results for a specific search term/keyword. You then pay for each click on the ad, ie. Pay Per Click or PPC.

The darkside of Adwords:-

Adwords on paper sounds like a great way to find customers and grow your business, and it is if managed correctly, but the reality is that it has a steep learning curve, which makes it very easy to lose money with nothing to show for the efforts except for a large payment to Google, if gone about the wrong way.

Adwords is either marketed to customers as being an automated lead generating system managed by Google (this is Adwords Express) or an over complicated system which requires a professional to manage your account (adwords account managers looking for business).
We believe the truth to be somewhere in the middle.

DNA Web Success neverĀ recommend using Adwords Express or to allow Google to manage your ads and we rarely recommend a client ‘over using’ an Account Manager for their adwords account once an ad group has matured. What we do recommend however is working with an experienced professional to set up adwords specific to your particular business requirements so you don’t spend too much money while the Ads and keywords are being A/B tested for Click Through Rate and Conversion. A Manager should also be used when new Ads / Keywords / Promotions are needed or when previously performing ads start to drop in conversion rate or ranking. Once the initial ads are setup, matured, and then proven to be profitable the account only requires an understanding of certain rules to manage itself.

Another note on Adwords Account Managers – Depending on the business type there is often not enough profit to justify paying for Adwords Clicks as well as continued servicing from an account manager. DNA Web Success is built upon business owners being successful and recommending us to new clients. If we take your profits in high management cost which are unjustified, then how do you have enough money to put back into your business to market and grow it? We prefer to manage adwords accounts only when it is required and then when the account matures, the management time is reduced from being managed daily, to weekly and ultimately monthly for fine tuning, maintenance and analyzing its performance for recommended changes if required.

We have customers who migrated their accounts from a previous third party and have been able to drop their monthly budgets from being well over $6,000 to $8,000 a month down to $2,000 – $3,000 with the same result and then have handed the management over to the customer after we provided adword training.

DNA Web Success holds the philosophy that when a client is empowered with understanding as to how their web marketing works, they can make informed decisions on what their business needs, and if we are entrusted with the Management of their Marketing, and recommend specific types of advertising campaigns, our clients will understand what and why we recommend it. This builds trust rather than the feeling of insecurity with your Web Master and the Marketing of your business.


If you are interested in our Adwords Professional Services please fill out the following form.

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