Fast Website Search Engine Index

How to get your website indexed fast after you change your meta tag information.

It is well known in the SEO world that if you change your meta tags two things can happen. It can takes weeks for Google to update your new titles and descriptions and during that time it is also possible to lose all ranking until google updates website information.

Through a lot of years of doing Search engine optimization I have learned the fastest way to get Google to update your websites information with the shortest possible wait time. The trick is very easy to do, you just resubmit your sitemap to Google webmaster.

If you do not already have a webmaster account, then go to and create an account. Once you create an account and login and then go through the website verification processes, you will see a list of your websites that have your webmaster tools attached to your domain(s).

Click on the domain you wish to update and when the page loads up, on the left hand side look for the menu called Site Configuration. Expand that menu out and click on the very first link called Sitemaps. In there you can submit your sitemap, or re-submit your sitemap.

The reason this works for updating your websites meta information is because you are forcing google to come to your website and look for any new changes and to update its listings of your website in their indexes.

This trick also works with Bing webmaster, but it still takes Bing a couple weeks to update the information on occasions. I have however have not tried this with yahoo.


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