[Fix] Adobe PhotoShop – Stuck on Hand Tool

This is a list of various fixes to stop Adobe Photoshop from permanently staying on the Hand Tool.

I have listed seven fixes, ranging from the easiest to do, to more in depth. The last fix is the most extreme, but it does work about 90% of the time.

Fix 1 – Simplest Fix, Open Adobe Photoshop, open an image, and Press Space bar.

Fix 2 – Quick Mask Mode or Revert

Open an image and Press Q to turn on Quick Mask mode, and press Q again to turn it off. This sometimes fixes the problem

Go to file, then Revert. Or press F12 to Revert.

Fix 3 – Select Your Workspace or Go back to a Default Workspace

  1. Open up Adobe Photoshop and Open an image
  2. Go to Windows Menu
  3. Go down to the bottom of the list, and click on the selected Workspace (The name of the image that is opened)

Image Example Of What To Click.

Windows Workspace Select

If this does not work, then go to Windows Menu, Workspace, and Click on Default Workspace.

Fix 4 – Reset Your Workspace  

  1. Open Adobe Photoshop
  2. Click on the Windows Menu, go to workspace

Click on the following 3 reset options

  • Reset Palette Locations
  • Reset Keyboard Shortcuts
  • Reset Menus

Fix 5 – Clearing out Preferences using the built in preference eraser utility in Adobe Photoshop

As soon as Photoshop starts up, press ctrl, alt, and shift. If you do it at the right time you will get a screen that looks like this…


Adobe Reset Perferences Dialog

You have to be quick at pressing the 3 buttons together. I press the buttons as soon as I click to open Photoshop. If you see the initializing box come up then you missed it.

Fix 6 – Reset Warning Dialogs 

  1. Open Adobe Photoshop
  2. Edit Menu, go down to Preferences, and Click General
  3. Look at the bottom of the Dialog box for a button that says – Reset All Warning Dialogs

Fix 7  – Manually delete or rename the Adobe Photoshop preference folder from your computer 

  1. My computer
  2. Select the Hard drive that has Photoshop installed
  3. Documents and Settings
  4. Open the folder for your user account
  5. Application Data  (This folder is hidden, so in order to make it visible, go to Tools menu, then Folder Options, then the view tab, and look down for an item that says, Hidden Files and Folders. Click and put a dot next to show hidden files and folders, and click ok)
  6. Once inside the Application Data, click on Adobe Folder
  7. Find the Adobe Photoshop folder and rename. Example Adobe Photoshop CS3 Old
  8. Now open up Adobe Photoshop and it will remake the folder with Adobe default settings 

If someone has any other tricks or tips to fix adobe from being stuck on the hand tool, please list any that I may have missed.

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