Free Program for Encrypting Folders and Files

Recently I have been looking for a program to encrypt and password protect files on my windows computer. I did a lot of searching around and stumbled upon an easy to use “free” program that works great.

I have used AxCrypt to password protect all types of files and all different sizes and it works without fail. I prefer to not use the keyfile option, I just type in a passphrase and let it create a password protected AXX files.  

Easy 3 step process to encrypting files.

  1. Right click on a file or multiple selected files and on the right click menu go to AxCrypt and then Encrypt
  2. When you click Encrypt, the following screen comes up and just type in a passphrase and then click ok.
    Axcryp passphrase encryption menu 
  3. Click ok once you have the passphrase entered and the file(s) are encrypted.

To decrypt just double click the file and type in the passphrase and decrypt goes to work on decrypting the file(s).


AxCrypt offers the following features

  • Free, fast, small, solid and best of all problem free
  • Simple to use – Just right click on a file, set a passphrase and encrypt it
  • Easy to decrypt files
  • Ability to select “Multiple” files or folders and encrypt all at once
  • Self inflating encrypted files with a passphrase or keyfile required
  • Offers the ability to shred and delete files
  • Can encrypt files with a keyfile and store the keyfile somewhere else on your computer or a jump drive. If you want to open one of the encrypted files, you need to have the keyfile, if not, then the file does not decrypt.


On a side note I do not make any money for posting a link to this program, I just wanted to share it just in case other people are in need of an encrypting program.

Click here to go to Axcrypt download page.

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