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So today, I will go through how to optimize your internet for peak performance. The reason why you want to optimize it is for a better web surfing experience, In laymen terms – Faster internet speed for web-surfing and file downloading. I have included some advanced tips at the bottom of this article. Namely, what to do to increase Bit Torrent Speeds and P2P downloads.

I have never experienced any problems from using this method to speed up internet connection.

So lets get down to the internet optimizing

1. Goto – you will see a screen like this.

Speedtest Screen

2. Click the yellow Pyramid – This is usually the closest connection test server to you. Once you click it, let the test run, and enjoy the eye candy.

3. On the next screen write down the download number for future use. The screen will look like this

Speedtest Result Screen

4. Follow this link to and Download / Save TCP Optimizer.

5. Open Tcp Optimizer – The screen will look like this

Speedtest Screen

6. Under Contection speed at the top of the screen you will see a Slider Bar. Dig out the Download number you wrote down from

7. Move the slider to this number. Now it doesn’t have to be perfect, but in the ball park.

8. At the bottom of the screen click Optimal Settings and then click Apply Changes

9. You will see a screen pop up that looks like this

Apply Changes screen

10. I recommend keeping Backup checked, I have yet to see any problems using this program, but always safe then sorry. Click Ok and you will be asked to restart your computer to Apply changes

That’s all you have to do to optimize your internet connection for web browsing

For Advanced Web browsing I recommend going back to the download page, and scrolling down to Web Patches – Faster loading of web pages. For windows 2000, XP, Vista, you want the file. Once you have downloaded it, uncompress it and run the file sguide_webtweak_2k.reg.  And click yes to apply the settings to your registry.

For people who download from p2p places such as Napsters, Emule, etc, I recommend using Eventid 4226 Patcher. In Windows XP service pack 1, microsoft limited the amount of concurrent connections you can have. This patch that microsoft implemented it still alive and kicking in Vista. So as a result instead of having an unlimited connections to download a file, you only get maybe 2 to 5 connections at most, so you get a lot slower download speeds. For bittorrent connections, this is murderous for download speeds, since you make 100’s of connections to file sharers to download a single file. Just follow the instructions on the screen when using the Eventid Patch.

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