How To Stream MP4 On A Website – H.264 High Def

I recently started doing High Definition videos for one of my customers, and I ran into a problem with mp4 files streaming on websites. What was happening was the mp4 file had to download in full before it would start playing. Come to find out, the metadata for an mp4 is located in the back of the video file information, and the video will not play until it reaches the metadata information.

I found a program that moves the metadata information from the back of the mp4 file to the front, so that the file will start playing instantly and stream on a website, instead of waiting to start until the entire video is downloaded. This program is really easy to use, and works extremely fast, all you have to do is open the program up in a Windows OS, open the folder the movie file sits in and press edit all files in the lower left, then wait for it to work, takes a minute or less of time, and then you are done. Now the metadata is at the front of the mp4 file and it will play instantly without having to download the entire video file.

Download the program from this website.

Metadata Mover – Streaming MP4 Files.

Screen Shot

Screen Shot of MetaData Mover


 Example of streaming .mp4 file using h.264 High Def Video codec in a flash player, high quality, small file size, no quicktime player. Video from InternetsVideo – Promotional Videos & Production.If you are unable to play the video it means you have an out dated Adobe Flash player, and I would recommend following this link to get the latest Adobe Player.


Internets Video

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