Why Google will always Rein King

Google the Big fish

I was so tempted to go around the internet and collect all the articles and information about Microsoft trying to take on google. Then make a new category just for it labeled How Stupid. But I didn’t feel like wasting that much time, maybe another day. (Pretends to scribbles that down on the non existent but needs to be created, to do list)

So why does Microsoft have to try and compete with everything technology related. Why can’t they just do a good job on 5 or 10 things instead of doing a piss poor job on 100 things.  Right now there current OS, vista, is a nightmare to work with. In most cases this beast of a Operation system ends up murdering whatever machine its on. They need to stick with what they know, and fix the junk they have released instead of branching out and chasing after another futile dream. Microsoft still refuses to give up hope of winning the non existent battle with google. They already lost, there grave has been picked out. (more…)

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