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Today I was cleaning up my desk, in an attempt to organize it, and I found an article that I pulled out of a Reader’s Digest a few months ago. At the time I had no blog and no place to write about this article, so I kept it, in hopes of some day having a place where I could give it the attention it deserved and needed.

The article was titled, The Roofer’s Son, and it starts off talking about Ken Hendricks and how he dropped out of high school to work for his dad and became a billionaire. It sounds like the start of another rags to riches generic story, about a guy with luck and did something that no one else could do, right? Wrong. Ken Hendricks gives some amazing advice about how to run a business, from the single employee business to the 1000+ employee business. The insights about how and why his business, ABC Supply, is worth billions, is priceless in terms of value. (more…)

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Google Riddle – Amazing Innovation

Google Logo Einstein Image

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Before I get started I want to give thanks to strategy + business magazine and Nicholas G. Carr for writing a superb article.

There has been hundreds, if not thousands, of articles, Pod cast, news commentary, pertaining to how Google has become the giant that it is today.  I have read and listened too many of them. Several of them have been boring with no real meat and are repetitious to say the least. But an article I read recently really hit the nail on the head, and I wanted to draw a little more attention to the ideas of why Google is Google, and why they will be around for a long time.

Google itself is an amazing business, that goes without saying but still something I feel can not be said enough. But I am not referring to their ability to go from 500 million to 10.5 billion in under 4 years (yes this is impressive, but it’s been hashed over thousands of times).

I am referring to their constant ability to find new talent and new services. I want to include what I think is one of the most important parts of Google, and that is creating an environment, inside the company, and outside the company for innovation and advancement in the world. They are to date one of the biggest supporters of open source; on top of that they are the biggest financial backers to make information free for the masses on the internet.

But why are they such big supporters of free and open source advancements? (more…)

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