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Growing Your Web Business

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  • Competitive Market Analysis
  • Adwords / Facebook Ads
  • CPM Banner Ads
  • Social Building & Conversion
  • Customer Retention
  • Customer Management
  • Content Strategy
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Search Engine Marketing
  • Hybrid Marketing
  • Organic Ranking
  • Pay-Per-Click
  • Social Growth Strategy
  • Google Business

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Services We Can Provide For Your Business

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DNA Web Success will only use safe white hat techniques, which are individually designed in order to build organic ranking for websites. It is a known fact that if you look for ‘short cuts’ that are too agresive, or fail to adhere to acceptable SEO strategies outlined by Google, the result ‘will’ be either a temporary or even a permanent ban depending on the seriousness of the violation.

SEO is a long term strategy which requires time to mature. If you are a new website we recommend a hybrid strategy using Paid Advertising combined with an SEO plan. The paid advertising will bring clients through the door now and SEO will bring clients through the door later. SEO is not an over night solution for new businesses, or even matured businesses needing a boost, it is a long term strategy to give your business authority and top ranking.

The quote “There are no shortcuts to anywhere worth going” is particularly important with SEO and knowing what to do, what ‘not’ to do, and who to trust is very important.


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For Paid Advertising Campaigns DNA Web Success have access to many platforms depending on your business type.

Adwords are for service based businesses or businesses with a high mark up on their products. Adwords is great for targeting warm to hot leads, but it can be pricey depending on the competition.

Facebook Ads are typically used for cold to luke warm leads. They are good for blogs, content sites, selling ebooks, long term business relationships, and e-commerce websites offering new products. Facebook ads are great for building social proof and authority in your area of expertise/passion.

CPM and Paid Banners are utlized for higher priced products and services and ultimately result in a strong conversion at consistently stable pricing.

Direct Marketing is used to target magazine subscribers, facebook fanpage followers, and customers of your competition.

Each of these paid advertising campaigns can be extremely costly if they are not managed correctly. If you setup an automatic system for either Facebook or Google to manage these, the most likely result will be very a high cost with little to show for it.

After initial consultation to identify the best Marketing Strategy for each business, DNA Web Success offer three services for Paid Advertising Campaigns.


  • Brand new campaign setup
  • Optimizing of existing campaign/s
  • Continuing optimization of campaigns on a monthly basis for performance and conversion improvements

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What is “Content” within a Website?

Content within a Website is all inclusive of the images, audio, video, podcasts, relevant texts, faq’s, contact us page, return and privacy policies, catagories, product prices and descriptions or service information and anything else relative to the website and what it has to offer for sale or service.

What is a content marketing strategy?

Content strategy focuses on the planning, creation amd delivery of content. DNA Web Success ensures that you have useful and usable information that is well structured and easily found.

Content strategy is a must for websites that are either massive in size, have 100+ or more products, lots of content, or are informational. A great example of a situation when content strategy is required is if you have an ecommerce website but prospective buyers can’t find the products they are looking for and leave your website in frustration.

Content strategy will fix your category structure, improve the usability of the website, and enhance the browsing experience for prospective leads by guiding people along the path to become clients or buyers.

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What is ‘Social Proof’ and how does it bring in customers?

Social Proof  could be described as an acceptable social authority on a subject, product or service. The more fans/followers you have of your website or social profiles the more authority you have. And the more authority you have, the more a person will listen to what you have to say or sell to them. Prospective clients will look at your social network and ask themselves, “Is this the right company, product, or service for me? Is this person the “authority” or “expert” in this area and will feel comfortable and safe giving this person my time and money.” Social proof provides a psychological “push” that answers all these questions and concerns quite often before they come to your websites or before they call you. Through social proof, leads become clients automatically with minimal work on your part.

What is the Purpose of Social Networking?

When you are passionate about your website and what it has to offer, it makes sense to share your passion with those who may seek to purchase products or services from you. 

Building a Social Network includes creating a presence on a variety of social platorms such as Pinterest, Facebook, Linked, Twitter, and/or Blogging. Each social platform has it’s pros and cons and in many instances you will only need 1 or 2 platforms to maximize your social presence.  

DNA Web Success can help guide you in choosing the platform that best suits your business and develop a strategy to build your social presence, and then turn your followers into buying customers. We do not leave you confused or frustrated and we provide easily understood methods as to how to set them up, provide content for them and manage your internet Social presence. 

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Marketing within your Local business search is a quick, responsive way to get in front of your prospective customers without too much cost or time involvement. This is achieved by using one of the many verticals that are available within search engine results.

A vertical is simply areas within google search results for displaying information and listings. An example would be paid adword listings at the top, the map listings which show under the paid listings and then the organic listings underneath.  These are 3 examples of verticals within search results. Local businesses/maps is an easy veritcal to rank for by use of testimonials, complete business listings in Google, etc. Ranking in this area is not difficult and can produce quick results.

Local Marketing is limiting keywords demographically so you are only competing with local competitors and not on a country wide scale.

Example: If you want to organically rank for the keyword “Home Decor” you will be placed some where in the 449,000,000 search listings. If you rank for “Home Decor in Colorado” you will be somewhere in the 16,800,000 listings. If you want to be ranked for “Home Decor in Pueblo Colorado” you will be somewhere in the 1,140,000 listings.

The more locally targeted a keyword is, the less competition and the easier it is to rank well. Part of a long term SEO organic strategy is to go after local low hanging fruit keywords while working on the demographically broader keywords.

When DNA Web Success works on business campaigns we are highly likely to begin with your local keywords, then expand to other cities, then move on to state wide, and then to country wide keywords depending on your business goals. Each area increment has more and more competition because your possible target market increases exponentially.

Note: Home decor is a very competitve keyword and in many cases the competition for your local keywords and services are only in the thousands and not necessarily in the millions.

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