Pricing for websites is a hard topic because there are a lot of variables in the creation of the website from the mount of pages, to the design & functionality, all the way to plugins and connections to outside services such as salesforce, mailchimp, hubspot, and more. There is also the cost for hosting, email, Security (SSL), marketing and content building.

Needless to say, the price of a website depends on a lot of factors and i will do my best to cover as much as possible.

First Off – We do not build custom coded websites, we only build in WordPress. We used to build using Mambo, Joomla, Drupal, Magento, OsCommerce, ZenCart and also custom coding such as straight Css, PHP and all the other programming languages that are outside the scope of this article and cause eyes to glaze over when mentioned. The reason why we only build in WordPress is because we offer lifetime Support for the websites we build, maintain and upgrade and in order to offer this service we need to build on a very stable platform, ie WordPress. By doing this we know the customer will have a website is always up and running, especially when a lead or customer is coming to the website, but in turn it means to us that our customers will not be calling with issues and problems due to a website not working.

Secondly – A stable Wordress install is only as good as the host on which it runs. In order to offer life time support for a website we also ask that a person has a good host and we have a list of host we highly recommend working with and we also provide our own cloud hosting for customer websites. If a customer is running an e-commerce business using woocommerce, a cart plugin for WordPress, then we “highly” recommend using only one host and that is our Cloud hosting service which is optimized specifically for Woocommerce stability and speed. Again, the purpose of this is to make sure that websites do not crash or cause issues and headaches for the customer or for us.

Third and Final – We do not work with Templates. We find when templates are purchased and used with wordpress they are rarely compatible with newer versions of wordpress, they are adhoc in their build, hard for a customer to change and update, have cheap or bad coding, can be made by companies that are questionable and the list goes on and on. Without droning on, we build websites that are either from what we term a pre-defined layout or are fully custom. A predefined layout is an open WordPress layout that we have vetted and know to be stable and error / issue free. A custom website is just that, a custom website. If you have a template you have found on the internet that you like the look of then we can easily create a custom wordpress design to match that template. Now one of the questions that we receive about a wordpress design is, “how easy is to change and update for a customer when it is a custom design?, and our response is very easy. The reason being, the design is built using our Visual Builder.

With all this being said the pricing is as follows

WordPress – Non WooCommerce
Pre-Defined Layout – 2,200
Custom Layout – 2,600

WordPress with WooCommerce (shopping Cart and e-Commerce plugin) –
Pre-Defined Layout – 3,000
Custom Layout – 3,500
*This pricing reflects us putting in less then 20 products to be use a template for customers to add their own products from the template. We will go to 50 or more if it is requested, but we prefer customers to be able to edit and change their websites as they see fit with no restrictions.

Hosting Cost from Us for a non-Woocommerce WordPress Website – 5 dollars a month, billed annually. 1 Dollar for Each Email (Email should rarely, if ever, be attached to the same account the website is on)

Hosting Cost for a WooCommerce WordPress Website – 12 dollars a month, build annually. There are e-Commerce websites that have thousands of products that we host and the website hosting can increase depending on the size required to manage pictures. Email is still 1 dollar a month and we highly recommend a Content Delivery Network (CDN) which further increases the speed of the website and the loading of the images. We also recommend setting up a plugin to automatically compress the images on the website and this is a one tie nominal fee and depends on the website, usually between 5 dollars for 500 pictures to 10 dollars for 5000 pictures.