Our Web Packages and Services

Website Transfer

Website Transfer – Base Package
This is our base Transfer package for transferring your current website into a new, responsive version that will look great on all screen sizes from small phone screens to full size computer or tv screens. We take the color pallet, layout and features of your current website and rebuild it from the ground up with our DNA Web Builder. This allows you to keep the same look and feel of the website you know and love, but on a more adaptive and up to date platform to suit today’s ever changing technology.
On top of this you will receive access to our DNA Web Builder to alter your own website whenever and however you like.

* Pricing provided upon inquiry.

Website Transfer – Enhanced Package
The Enhanced Website Transfer package includes everything in the Base Transfer Package, but in addition, we will analyze your website and provide minor graphic enhancements and content suggestions to help improve the overall visual appeal and performance of your website.

* Pricing provided upon inquiry.

Full Website Build

Website Build – Base Package

This is our base package for building a beautiful graphically designed website that includes the following pages:
Home Page – A visually pleasing site entrance page that explains a little about your business/websites purpose and provides a portal for access to the rest of your website.
Portfolio Page – A page where you can show off your past works or photo’s of your products in action.
FAQ Page – A frequently asked questions and answers page that customers can visit to explore the most commonly inquired questions you receive about your business/website.
About Page – A deeper look at the business/website, who’s involved and what you are all about. 
Services Page – A place to display the services you have to offer.
Contact Page – Contact forms, contact information, shop address, etc.
On top of this you will receive access to our DNA Web Builder to alter your own website whenever and however you like.

*These pages are subject to change depending on the nature of your website.
Pricing provided upon inquiry.

E-commerce Package

This package includes everything from the Full Website Build – Base Package. In addition, we will set up a full listing of all your products, a shopping cart and checkout system..

Blog Package

This package includes everything from the Full Website Build – Base Package. In addition, we will set up a blog page on your website and conduct a monthly 45-60 minute recorded interview with you to gather information for personalized blog posts. We will then create and post interesting and informative blog posts structured around the information you have provided about you and your business on your behalf. This process is fantastic for search engine optimization, gives your customers/readers a chance to take a deeper look into how you and your business works, and any special events or sales you may have going on.

Tutorials and Training

This package provides access to all our informative training videos on topics suchs as:

  • How to edit your website via the back end
  • Marketing with adwords, advertising through social media such as facebook and instagram
  • How to write a good blog post
  • Search engine optimization.


Adwords Marketing

Businesses often lose a lot of money marketing with Google Adwords due to poor campaign management and keyword choices. With this package we will set up an Adwords account for your business in your name and get your Adwords campaign up and running efficiently and effectively, so that it doesn’t cost you a ridiculous amount of money to achieve a solid click through rate (ctr). The benefits of having us set up the campaign for you include:

  • Competition analysis – we investigate to find out what keywords your competitors are already using and if they are having success with these keywords.
  • Extensive keyword testing/filtering, taking into account bid price, specificity to your business, demographics and more, to find the most effective keywords specific to your business. This ensures higher click through rates without costing an arm and a leg.
  • The account will be in your name/businesses name and you will have complete access to your own Adwords account. This means you can see where your money is going, have no fear of your account being held hostage and allows you to make changes yourself where you see fit.
  • Once your campaign is up and running smoothly with a healthy keyword base and solid click through rate, management of the campaign becomes a lot easier. We will teach you how to manage the campaign effectively yourself so that you can take over account management from us when you’re ready. This saves you money which can be put towards your campaign rather than campaign management. (We recommend using our management services for x months before taking over)

Search Engine Optimization & Marketing Package (SEO/SEM)